Friday, November 26

Blog 6: A short one

a photograph, because it is required
So sometimes I try to play tennis. It's quite fun, except for the part at the end, when we have to pick up all the balls.

Like people the world over, I use the "balance as many balls on the tennis racquet as I can and try not to drop them." And, as I'm sure one can imagine, there are a lot of tennis balls that need picking up. It's hard work!

...Or is it?

As far as physics is concerned, the part where I carry my full racquet back to the basket is no work at all.  This is because the force I'm exerting (keeping the racquet up) is perpendicular to my movement. Madness!

On the other hand, the part where I bend down to pick up more balls to add to the racquet does count as work. (I exert force vertically, and there's a vertical component to my movement.)

So picking up after a long good satisfying entertaining game of tennis is work-- but only for part of the process.

also when will i learn to spell like a normal human?