Thursday, December 9

Blog 7: An entry that actually corresponds with something we learned RECENTLY

Taken from street level
Holy stairs, Batman! That's a long trek just to get to the front door. Golly, it's a good thing I have my handy-dandy grappling hook with me!

Okay, kids, physics time. 

A force that forces an object to move in a circular path is called a centripetal force. 

centripetal force= mass* radius* angular velocity2.

So if I swing my grappling hook of mass 1 kg on a (massless) line 1 m long at a rate of 2 revolutions/second, I can calculate the centripetal force.

First, we'll find the angular velocity (which needs to be in radians/second for this to work). 

(2 revolutions/second)(2Π radians/1 revolution)= 4Π radians/second

And then we can plug that in... 

yeah, we're not doing this step by step. you're smart people, you can figure it out yourselves

And we get centripetal force= 16Π2 N.

Of course, at this point, all you guys are interested in is my homemade grappling hook. Take it from me, you do not want to try (emphasis on "try") to climb anything with a homemade grappling hook. Either buy a well-made one or use the stairs. (Or, well... Christmas is coming up! Y'all still have time to badger your parents.)