Sunday, February 27

blog 10: a blast from the past

Anyone remember momentum? No? Me neither. Allow me to briefly check my notes.

musical interlude

Oh, right, now I remember. momentum= mass* velocity

What fun can we have with this? Well, I weigh... let's see... 43.54 kg, and a man I will refer to only as "my dad" (not his real name!) weighs 75.45 kg. If I take off running at 5 m/s (according to this comic, that's faster than a jog but slower than a sprint), my momentum will be 217.70 (kg*m)/s. My dad would only have to ambulate at 2.89 m/s (somewhere between walking and jogging) to attain the same momentum.

That's well and good, but... eh. Boring. What else could we do with this information? Oh, right.

He seems to think I'm up to something.
We own a cat! After a good deal of squirming and piteous mewling (on his part, not mine), I have ascertained that his weight is about 5.90 kg (he is a chubby cat). For him to match our momentum, he'd have to run at 36.90 m/s. That's faster than the speed you drive at on an interstate! Nice. I may need to devise some sort of cannon.